UII ASEAN Scholarship - Additional Information



After Arrival

When you arrive in Yogyakarta, there are some procedures that must be followed, which include:

  1. Administration Registration Procedures
    • You directly make payment of Visa.
  2. Academic Registration
    • The International Office will take you to the Directorate of Academic affairs UII for student ID card photo.
  3. Campus Orientation and Introductory Bridging Program
    • The purpose of this campus orientation is to introduce the UII campus, academic systems at UII, immigration matters, campus facilities, students’ activities and so on.
    • After the campus orientation, it is compulsory for you to join the Bridging Program – aiming to learn Indonesian language, Indonesian culture as well as Islamic activities in the UII Islamic Boarding School (the detail of the Bridging Program is attached).
  4. Stay Permit Completion
    • Within 30 days of your arrival in Indonesia, you must report to the Yogyakarta immigration office to get your KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card). Soon after you get a KITAS, you should report to the police for the STM (Police Report Letter). The final step in completing your stay permit requirements is the report at regional citizenship office as a temporary resident of Yogyakarta. UII will assist you in all of these processes. All of the fees for the processes are paid for by the students.
  5. VISA application
    • You MUST provide the following information to support your visa application:
      • A valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months (must be valid for at least 1 year for a multiple entry visa).
      • Two color passport photographs.
      • Complete the statement letters of not working during study and obeying Indonesian Law.
      • Complete the statement letter of having sufficient funds.
      • A letter of acceptance from UII.
      • Visa fees (paid once you arrive at UII).